Theragami’s founder and director, Hagit Shalev, is an origami artist and an experienced Origami specialist who uses origami, as a recreational activity for children and adults and as decoration for holidays, parties and weddings

Folding Paper to Unfold The Mind

For more than 15 years Hagit has decorated hundreds of parties, weddings, Christmas trees, Succas (Jewish huts) and conducted many recreational origami activities during parties for children and adults. In workshops at the Theragami Center, at the 92nd Street Y and at the Museum of Natural History, Hagit has taught children and adults how to fold various origami models. Inspired by a trip to Japan with her son, Omer, himself an accomplished and exhibited Origami artist, Hagit founded Theragami to increase awareness of this unique art form and teaching tool in the United States.

Unlike other craft activities, Origami does not require complicated tools or materials to perform. All that’s needed is a piece of paper, and the results are enjoyed almost immediately. Origami is also a neutral, non-threatening activity in which one tries something new without the fear of failure or embarrassment. The ability to turn a piece of paper into a three dimensional sculpture provides a sense of pride, competence and accomplishment.

The Theragami Center

At her Upper Westside studio in Manhattan, Hagit conducts instructional workshops for both enjoyment and learning purposes.

Hagit Shalev – Origami Artist, Teacher, Lecturer

  • Museum of Natural History
  • 92nd Street Y
  • Manhattan JCC
  • After School Programs
  • Senior Centers